Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When will we see the balloons?

A: Hot air balloons do not operate during the middle of the day because when surface winds are calm, hot air balloon pilots can control the altitude of the balloon very finely by heating or venting the air inside. During the day these light surface winds are broken up by "thermals." These are rising columns of warm air that spiral up towards the sky. These thermals are caused by the heating effect of the sun on the ground. Birds and glider pilots love them but for a hot air balloon, thermals make it very difficult to control the balloon.

Q: When do you decide whether the balloons will fly or tether?

A: Our experienced balloonmeister monitors weather conditions right up until scheduled times. Because weather can change, we may postpone a balloon activity for an hour or more. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for balloon activities and other announcements.

Q: Where can I park my vehicle or bicycle?

A: You may purchase parking passes for vehicles through this website. Various churches around the festival grounds will also provide parking for a fee. Please do not part at the businesses around the festival grounds!

There will be bicycle parking available, but you will be responsible for securing your bicycle.

Q: Where will the balloons take off?

A: All ballooning activities will take place on the festival field.

Q: Do I get to ride in a balloon?

A: Balloon rides for the public are limited to the tether ride balloons.

Q: May I bring my own chair and blanket? Are coolers allowed?

A: You will be allowed to bring blankets and chairs into the festival grounds. However, coolers will NOT be allowed

Q: What forms of payment will be accepted?

A: Jamboree bucks are the only form of payment accepted for activities inside the festival.

Q: Are the tether rides handicap / wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes! We will have two of the three hot air balloons in the country that can safely accommodate these groups. 

Q: How many people can ride a tether balloon ride at a time?

A: This depends on weight. Most of the tether balloons can accommodate up to five people.

Q: Can I fly my drone during the festival?

A: Drones are not allowed on the festival grounds per the federal aviation administration.

Q: How much is the Kids Zone and what is it?

A: The Kids Zone is $5.00 and includes bounce houses, face painting, games, and our famous walk-in balloon and photo booth.

Q: How do I volunteer?

A: Visit our volunteer page and submit your contact info and area(s) you would like to volunteer.