Weather Disclaimer

Safety is our primary concern

Hot air ballooning is dependent on "favorable" weather conditions. These conditions often vary for different balloon activities: balloon flight, balloon tether rides, and the balloon glow.

The "Rule of Thumb" for Favorable Conditions

Balloon Flight / Mass Ascension

  • Wind speed no greater than 9MPH at the surface.
  • Wind speed no greater than 20MPH aloft or storms within a 30 mile radius.
  • Gusting winds.

Tethered Rides / Balloon Glow

  • Wind speed no greater than 8MPH.
  • Gusting winds.

Unfavorable conditions often improve, therefore balloon activities maybe delayed but not necessarily canceled. The jamboree event coordinators are ensuring that spectators enjoy the thrill of tethered ride and the majesty of the balloon glow, so please be patient if there is a delay. Your safety always comes first.

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